Our Team

The Botanical Distillery’s staff are all based on Waiheke Island and love bringing botanicals and the art of distillation to life in a team context, combining expertise and humour to create unforgettable events.

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Based on Waiheke Island, just 35 minutes via ferry from downtown Auckland, we host events around New Zealand and Australia, showcasing the world of botanical plants and fragrances through private engagements, team-building exercises and corporate events.

Our experiences have been carefully constructed to allow individuals to work togetherand use a range of skills and contributions – all in a relaxed and fun environment.

We can come to you or allow us to choose the perfect venue on Waiheke Island for a day filled with fragrance, fun and learning.

Our team are all based on Waiheke and have the inside knowledge to help you make your trip to Waiheke perfect.

Helen Elscot

Helen is passionate about sharing the knowledge of the ancient process of distillation using natural, seasonal botanicals with others and introducing beautiful handcrafted copper stills to those passionate about food, health and aroma.

She is also a medical herbalist who has a passion for food, flavours and fun. As a consulting health professional, Helen uses her experience and expertise to help families and individuals improve their health and wellbeing by using nature-based medicines and foods and teaching the art of foraging.

Helen Elscot (+64) 21 5444 19

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